Chris Dischinger
Mark Lechner
Scott Brian
Director of Development
Bruce Kepley
Director of Asset Management
Kristin Hulsman
Asset Management (Louisville, KY)
Theresa Ebner
Asset Management (Austin, TX)
Michael Gross
Development Manager
Justin Hartz
Development Manager (Austin, TX)
Rochelle Gilbert
Development Manager
Evan Holladay
Development Manager
Jill Jones
Executive Assistant
Patty Morley
Office Manager
Lisa Schuler Becker
Keith Musanje
Staff Accountant
Wes Probus
Accountant/Financial Analyst
Ron Dischinger
Building Coordinator
Nick Chitwood
Development Manager
Jason Trevino
Development Coordinator
Chris Byrd
Development Manager
Ray Brown
Landon Cox
Development Coordinator
Ramona Vasta
Development Coordinator

Chris Dischinger and Mark Lechner cofounded

LDG Development in 1994 with the simple plan to build a real estate company with integrity.

In the beginning, the renovation and building of small residential properties seemed to define the company. Along the way, the two principals discovered a need for quality affordable housing within several markets.

They gathered a team of experts to help facilitate the need for outstanding residential; with superior construction and affordable living as their foundation. The company has grown into one of the nation's largest affordable housing developers and has established more than 4,000 properties throughout the country.

We (LDG Development) focus on energetic cities in neighborhoods where there is a growing need for affordable housing. The apartment communities we build thrive because we pick places locations within walking distance of school, parks, shopping centers and offer nearby city transportation.

And, every one of our project is a long-term real estate deal for us. We believe apartment homes built with superior, sustainable products will yield a far greater return. Simply put, investing up front is money well spent.

Chris Dischinger, Co-Principal
Mark Lechner, Co-Principal